EdanUSA Releases Brand New iM3 Vital Signs Monitor

[San Diego, CA, June 2019] – EdanUSA is pleased to announce the release of its brand new iM3 Vital Signs Monitor. Replacing the M3, the iM3 is taking the lead and presenting itself as the pioneer of a new and improved generation of vital signs monitors. The iM3’s ultra-slim design, 8” capacitive touchscreen, built-in wireless capability, and built-in barcode scanner sets it apart from its predecessors.

Portability was a major focus with the iM3’s design. It is lightweight and slim at only 5.5 lbs and 2.75” at the thinnest portion of the monitor. On its backside, there is a comfortable handle which also doubles as a unique cable and sensor holder. The iM3 has a systematic cable-receiving design in which all cables and sensors can be stored in the gap next to the handle. The strip designed alarm light on the top of the Vital Signs Monitor allows for a unique 360° visual alarm experience. The iM3 also contains full options of SpO2 , NIBP, and Oral Temperature/Infrared Ear Temperature.

The iM3 is designed to function with three different work modes that serve different purposes. The Monitoring Mode is used for long term monitoring of patients, such as general wards monitoring. Spot Mode is used in areas such as outpatient, clinics, body examinations, and more. Round Mode is a unique mode from EDAN that was designed particularly for ward round application. This mode saves nurses from having to handle mass written work during ward rounding, as patient lists can easily be input on the monitor. The monitor has a unique window-type patient list that is color-coded, allowing patients’ statuses to be clear at a glance. Additionally, all patient data can be effiently stored, reviewed, and transferred to HIS or PC.

More information on the iM3 Vital Signs Monitor is available immediately through the EdanUSA website or by calling EdanUSA at (888) 850-4597. You can purchase one of these monitors by contacting any of our authorized dealers.

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