April 17th, 2020 | Sydney Kitlowski


Convent Community Care Outreach Program is an organisation focused on providing access and quality medical care to the unsheltered homeless and trafficked victims throughout Detroit. The Convent Community Care team functions on the street and in mobile vehicles to provide essential care to those in need. The Outreach program also helps clients navigate the modern day healthcare system, working to alleviate confusion and fear patients may have. Care is given without social barriers, waiting rooms or billing. 


The program team is made up of medical professionals and Medical Students. This is a great opportunity for medical students to get hands-on experience in innovative medicine and have an impact on the community. Doctors and medical students form bonds with clients creating a comfortable environment for treatment to occur. 


EdanUSA, a medical device company, donated a Sonotrax Lite Doppler to Convent Community Care Outreach Program.The Sonotrax Lite doppler has detachable probes that will allow the team to assess patients’ vascular health and monitor prenatal fetal heart rates for mothers in the  community. 


EdanUSA supports the Convent Community Care Outreach Program in their hard work and dedication to the community that needs them the most. 

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