SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler with Bluetooth

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The SD1 is standard with a combination of built-in speaker and fetal heart rate digital display. In order to detect the fetal heart rate in the early trimester, the SD1’s pulse wave technology improves the quality of sound performance and minimizes interference.

Aside from professional clinical usage, the SD1 is also a user-friendly home-based device that allows you to use it anywhere.

With the built-in speaker and digital display screen, the SD1 can greatly assess the mobility of users. The Bluetooth version also has Android and iOS apps that help you easily access to track the growth of the baby, and also provides professional guidance when using the device.


  • ALL-IN-ONE design
  • Built-in speaker
  • Digital display of FHR
  • Touch panel for easy control
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Volume adjustable
  • Android or iOS APP access for tracking baby’s development
  • 3MHz probe detects fetal heartbeat
  • Normal AA batteries for easy replacement
  • Automatic power-off for battery power saving
  • Pulse wave technology


SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler Brochure



2 Year warranty on the SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables

Data Sheets

SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler Specification List


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