The Edan PADECG consists of professional ECG software and a wireless ecg acquisition module. It provides a moile solution to meet the demands of caregivers in a mobile treatment environment. Edans reliable SEMIP algorithm is also provided in it, which allows you to have a fast and confident ECG assessment before sending the ECG report to a data management system. See More

With its bright LED cold lighting system, high-resolution camera and electronic green filter, C3A/C6A Video Colposcope realizes full-screen display of precise cervical examination, offering crucial and accurate information for clinical decision making to the gynecologist.
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Edan Holter system offers you a lightweight and compact digital recorder, as well as fast and powerful analysis software. Optimized workflow and adjustable parameters aim to meet your different clinical needs.
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EdanUSA is proud to announce its own internal G2Co2 Patient Monitor module with better supply options at a lower price. Unlike the Respironics module which locks you in to expensive proprietary cannula, the Edan G2 module uses a traditional reusable water trap and is compatible with low-cost generic cannula and airway adapters. Lower upfront cost and lower recurring cost with excellent accuracy. See More