PADECG Mobile ECG Solution

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PADECG consists of a professional ECG software and wireless ECG acquisition module. It provides a mobile solution to meet the demands of caregivers in a mobile treatment environment. EDAN’s reliable SEMIP® algoritm is also provided in it, which allows you to have a fast and confident ECG assessment before sending the ECG report to SE-1515 Data Management System for further analysis.

Touch Screen
Operating PADECG is just simple as using your smart phone. Convenient gestures such as
long pressing, un-pinching, and dragging are all supported to enable users a better experience.
Armed with the comprehensive filters, you can acquire superb ECG traces with full confidence
just within several touches.


With EDAN’s professional ECG algorithm SEMIP®, PADECG gives accurate diagnosis results
and offers doctors a reliable reference.

*Tablet is not included in PADECG. Customers need to purchase tablet by themselves. The
recommended tablets are: iPad Series & iPad mini Series (iOS 7.0 and above).


PADECG Mobile ECG Solution Brochure


2 Year warranty on the PADECG Mobile ECG main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables


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