Product Warranty

EDAN provides a two-year-warranty for the main unit and a one-year warranty for the accessories. The warranty period begins on the date when the products are shipped to Customer. If Customer promptly notifies Edan of any warranty claims, Edan will adjust, repair or replace (with new or exchanged replacement parts) any manufacturer defective parts.

Service Procedure

In case of service claim, please call or submit a form with detailed information including but not limited to: (i) model name; (ii) serial number (S/N); (iii) specific information about the issue.

Edan will notify the Customer and offer a solution within two working days.

Within Warranty:

a) After receiving the Return Materials Authorization from Edan, the Customer sends Edan the defective part(s) and emails the shipment tracking number. Edan will evaluate the unit, and dispatch repaired or replacement part(s) to assigned address with confirmed tracking numbers.

b) The Customer signs a Declaration Form and sends the copy to Edan by either email or fax. This Declaration Form is legally certificated to guarantee that the Customer will return the defective part(s) to Edan on time. Edan will, at this stage, dispatch the replacing part(s) with confirmed shipping invoice(s).

Out of Warranty:

a) After receiving the Return Materials Authorization from Edan, The Customer sends defective part(s) to Edan. Edan will analyze the degree of trouble condition and offer a quotation to The Customer of either repairing defective part(s) or offering replacement(s). Once the maintenance fee is invoiced and paid, Edan will dispatch parts to assigned address.

Warranty Extensions

1-2 extended warranty plans are available. Please contact your local sales representative for details.

Warranty Exemptions

Edan’s obligation or liability under this Warranty Policy does not include any transportation or other charges or liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or delay resulting from the improper use or application of the products.