U50 Prime Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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Build Confidence Through Accuracy

A dedicated general imaging desktop system

The U50 PE is an economical color Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system. Characterized by practical workflow,

the U50 PE offers excellent image quality and functional performance delivering high diagnostic confidence.

Preferable Appearance

12.1’’ high resolution LCD display

Two active and exchangeable connectors

Lithium battery for extensive remote use

Conveniently located gel holder

Backlit control panel

Multiple peripheral ports

Creative Imaging Technologies

Speckle Reduction Technology – Improve contrast resolution while maintaining detail

Spatial compounding technology – Utilize multiple lines of sight to improve contrast resolution

Multi-Beam – Maintain high frame rates in all modes including color and pulse wave Doppler

Phase-Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging – Reduce image noise and clutter

Quickimage optimization tools – Single key touch optimization of multiple parameters

Multi-frequency transducer technology – Allow multiple frequencies for performance

Concise Workflow

Responsive boot up and shut down time

Battery operation lasts up to 90 minutes

User programmable SmartPreSets

Flexible image archiving solutions

Powerful Functions

With its streamlined operation, U50 PE offers a broad range of features like

pan zoom, needle guide, dual live, PW, CW, HPRF, DICOM to strengthen the experience of users.

Wide Clinical Applications

The U50 PE is available with transducers and measurement packages to support

a wide range of applications including abdominal, OB/GYN, vascular, cardiac, pediatric and small parts

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U50 Prime Diagnostic Ultrasound System Brochure


2 Year warranty on the U50 Prime Diagnostic Ultrasound System main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables

Data Sheets

Edan U50  Datasheet


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