M3A Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, SpO2 & Temp)

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EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor provides essential measurements for patient?s SpO2, NIBP, Pulse Rate and Temp. It offers a high cost-performance ratio to give care teams throughout the hospital most of the information they need at the patient?s side.


3.5? color TFT LCD and clear LED numeric indication display
NIBP, SpO2, and Quick Temp vital signs parameters measurements
Power-environment design enables a longer battery working time up to 21 hours while generating much less noise
User-friendly design provides convenient access to frequently used function
Spot-check and continual working modes with unique alarm system to meet most clinical needs
High capability data storage
Powerful storage capacity
Backlight control and standby mode for power saving
Smart data management via PatientCare Viewer software
Nurse call
Adaptability to adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
Complete solution to easy mounting for different working environments
Comparison Chart of M3A and M3


M3A Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, SpO2 & Temp) Brochure


2 Year warranty on the M3A Vital Signs Monitor main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables


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